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Send Prayers and Encouragement To The Families of the Nearly 300 Girls Kidnapped In Nigeria

Posted on May 7, 2014 by in Countries, News, Stories


On Monday April 14th, at around 10pm, suspected members of Boko Haram swooped into Chibok, northern Nigeria, in seven Toyota pick-up trucks. Some of the attackers set government and other buildings ablaze, but others went to the senior secondary school where they overpowered the security guards before herding nearly 300 of the female students – all between the ages of 16 and 20 – into trucks. They then drove the girls deep into the nearby Sambisa forest. Some of the girls have escaped, but the remainder are still missing.

Open Doors is on the ground supporting the Chibok community and the families of these missing girls. You can join with us in sending prayers and notes of encouragement to the families here.

“Almost every house has a child in this school,” said an Open Doors worker. “Cries of parents could be heard all over the town as they prayed for God’s intervention. The abducted girls will probably be responsible for cooking and cleaning for the insurgents. But there is every possibility that these children would be forcefully converted to Islam and married off to members of the group or other Muslim men.”

In addition to sending these families notes of encouragement, you can also stand with these girls in their families in a few other ways. Please continue sharing these updates and stories via social media with the hashtag #bringbackourgirls, to expand the reach of this message. Most importantly, these girls and their families need our prayers. Here are a few ways you can be praying:

  • For God’s miraculous protection for the girls
  • That they will experience His nearness and love in the midst of their suffering
  • That God will comfort the distraught parents, and for God’s grace to the church in Borno as they respond to their tragic circumstances
  • That Nigerian security forces will take swift, effective action to secure the girls’ safe release.

To learn more about what Open Doors is doing to help persecuted women and children like these girls in Nigeria, please be sure to learn more about our Women and Children Advancement program.


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  • Paz

    We’re praying for you all. God is our stronghold. He is sovereign. May our God be glorified even in such situation.

  • Babette Smith

    Prayers coming your way.

  • Irene Kiiza

    Parents of the Nigerian girls, we are trusting God. Please try to focus on only God, a miracle will come through.

  • Peter Overduin

    Praying for the heavenly Father to be near to these girls and their families during this time.

  • MTZ

    Prayers for the family and the children for you all. Gos is not asleep, He will punish those that have done this. Have faith and patience, the light will come.

  • marjiepeterson

    We call to the Lord our God and say, “Lord, there is no one like You to help the powerless against the mighty. Help us (help these girls, their families and loved ones), Lord our God, for we rely on You, and in Your name (the Mighty name of Jesus) We have come against this vast army. Lord, You are our God; do not let mere mortals prevail against you.” 2 Chronicles 14:11

    • Elsie Bouwman

      Praying in agreement with you Marjie, in the Name of Jesus.

  • Veda

    Lord we hold fast to you as we join our NIGERIAN brothers and sisters in prayer. Open closed doors Lord. We need your enabling and empowering. Amen.

  • Tamara Scott

    Praying in unison.

  • Hope Mucklow

    Keep trusting in God and his goodness. He used Joseph’s unjust kidnapped slavery & then inprisonment for his time & purpose to save a nation. He is the same God. May your daughters rely on him during this awful time.
    Dear Lord, draw these girls & their families near to you. Comfort them. Give them strength & peace. Help them to forgive their enemies. Keep their heart & spirits free during this horrific forced captivity.

  • kathie

    Holy Father, in the blessed name of Christ Jesus, command your army, your mighty warriors to go forth into the forests cave mountains anywhere these children have taken and bring forth their dekiverence. I pray not one would be list to rescue. Show yourself mighty on their behalf. We implire you as servants abd children of the most high God. We know you are near and trust your word that you are nigh unto the broken hearted. In love we bow our hearts and minds and bodies in thankfulness. May the world see your goodness in the kand if the living.

  • Ivan Simeon Halim

    We are praying for you all there. Keep trusting Him for He is worthy to be trusted :) May Jesus be glorified in what happened on you.

  • Jay Upadhya

    send thse kidnapped grils to orphans promise

  • Michelle Perkins

    There are no words that I can say to take this pain away. But I know that When Hagar ran out to the wilderness she said “You are the God who sees” We have a God whose eye wanders the earth and whose power is unlimited. I pray Him who sees and hears and even in the hottest furnace in the greatest danger, He walks with His children. I am praying for you and with you.